Texas Is King For Population Growth

Everyone is moving to the great state of Texas these days.  With beautiful, amenity-rich master-planned communities, a stellar economy and top education choices, who can blame them? 

Recently the Texas Association of Realtors published a study that suggests that more people are relocating from California to Texas than any other state.  For that matter, in 2015 alone 65,546 people decided to leave California behind and take residence in the Lone Star State. 

“The data in this report came as no surprise to Texans, especially those who have transplanted from California.  I talk to people almost every day who made the trek from California to Texas, and without fail, they tell me their move is due to either greater job opportunities, much lower-priced housing, an escape from a left-coast political climate, or just a better quality of culture and life,” said Attorney General Paxton in a press release.

In the same reports put out by the Texas Association of Realtors, we learned that Texas has had a net-gain of out-of-state residents, of about 107,000 people in 2015. 

The Houston area has experienced the largest surplus of new transplants. The county with the highest level of new residents was Harris County, with 19,000 new residents relocating from out of the state of Texas.  Behind Harris County was Tarrant County in fourth and Travis County in fifth place in the ranks.